1974 Volkswagen Beetle

This was my very first car, a 1974 Beetle. I got it in February, 1990. I didn't have my license yet, as my parents wouldn't let me until I got a job, even though I was 16. I bought it from an older gentleman, who assured us the car had always been well cared for (he may have been the original owner, I don't remember) and was in good shape. The body had some minor dings and small areas of rust, and a dent in the front left fender, but overall it was in fairly good shape. The pan, too, seemed to be in good shape, solid, without much rust. So, I got it home, and it basically sat in the driveway until September, when I finally got a part time job and my driver's license. I took it to get inspected, so I could get it registered, and it was discovered that there was severe rust in the front, around where the front beam attaches to the frame, and I guess the beam itself. We took it to our local VW mechanic, who told us the car was unsafe to drive, and would not easily be repaired. We knew we would be moving the following summer, so I ended up having to get rid of it. I think I was able to actually drive it a total of about 20 miles. I was very sad to see it go (I even cried). We ended up paying some junkyard like 20 bucks to come tow it away. I don't know whatever happened to it, but I sure do miss it.

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