March 26, 2017 (I)nternational (S)pace (S)tation Flyover

Pentax K-5 DSLR with a Pentax HD DA 15mm Limited lens.
Camera is pointing almost directly up, tilted down slightly to the South. The ISS is the white line near center, it's moving through the field of view from bottom to top.
The object in the lower right is the chimney on our house, and the whispy objects are clouds that started moving in near the end of the sequence; the stacking process gave them a weird pixelated look.
Flyover details: Began at 9:14pm to the SW, max height of 86 degrees at 9:17pm slightly to the SE of overhead, ended at 9:18pm 45 degrees above horizon to the NE.

I set up the camera to take a 30 second exposure every 33 seconds, so there is 3 seconds between each picture. Each picture is at F/4, ISO-100.
I set the camera to take 109 pictures, so the entire time span is 60 minutes. Time range is 8:45pm to 9:45pm.
I then used a program called Image Stacker to stack up all the pictures, and this is the result.

Then I wondered if I could make a time-lapse animation using the 109 images. Sure enough, I could! It is below, in the form of an animated .gif. It runs at 10 frames per second, so the hour's worth of pictures plays in about 10 seconds.
The .gif file is about 53MB, so it may take a minute for all the frames to load.

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